Jester’s Trek

“Goodbye, stranger, it’s been nice. Hope you find your paradise. Tried to see your point of view. Hope your dreams will all come true.” – “Goodbye Stranger”, Supertramp as performed by Goldey

08.06.yc116 Saisio < Okomon Constellation < The Forge

Systems 20140608“Not bad for a god.” I heard the voice below and behind me say. I smiled without looking to see who it was. No need, I knew the voice to be that of my home station maintenance chief. He continued, “Wasn’t expecting you back so soon, Ma’am.”

“Wasn’t expecting to be back, Chief.” I replied.

“Are you… are you actually doing what I think you’re doing?” He asked.

I stopped for a moment, leaned back and took in my handy work. “I am.”

He chuckled, “You know we have drones for that, right?”

“I do.” Dipping my brush in the can of paint next to me, I carefully wiped off the excess on the inside of the opening. The work was tedious, but relaxing. If it wasn’t for the lack of adequate ventilation and air conditioning in the open hanger, it would have been enjoyable.

Nalu VII, Moon 4, Imperial Shipment Storage

Nalu VII, Moon 4, Imperial Shipment Storage

“Not much for words today are ya.” He stated without questioning. I could sense his desire to jab at me some more, but could tell he realized this wasn’t a good time. The chief and I go way back. He watched me grow-up, having served with my Grandfather in the Caldari Navy. They had been best of friends and when my Grandfather passed away, the chief had taken over that role. That was long before I had become – a god – as he puts it. “Well… sorry kiddo, I’ll leave ya be.”

He started to turn away before I stopped him, “No – it’s alright Chief.” Laying down the brush along the top of the can, I wiped the sweat off my brow then half turned around so I could see him fully. I tried to smile to reassure him I was fine. “It’s just I had read about him retiring and I was… well… just sad to hear about it, really.”

“Ripard Teg, you mean.” Again it wasn’t a question as any capsuleer or space crew knew of him. “Yeah, damn shame really, but most good things never last.”

Luromooh V, Moon 1, Imperial Shipment Storage

Luromooh V, Moon 1, Imperial Shipment Storage

A sudden familiar sense of loss sunk in the pit of my stomach as I thought of my Grandfather and the recent loss of my father. I swallowed hard then tightened my jaw before finally relaxing then quietly replied. “Yeah…”

“Well except maybe for you.” He added quickly, trying to lighten the mood, but seeing it hadn’t worked so well. “Hey, I’m sorry kiddo, it’s just…”

“I know.” I raised my hand to stop him and smiled warmly for his concern, “Listen, Chief, I’m about a month away from finishing up my exploration of Empire space so you know what that means?”

He nodded, frowned slightly, and even with the distance between us, I could see the concern in his eyes. “You’ll be heading into Nullsec. Yeah, I know. What do you need from me?”

“Diplomatic contacts.” I stated flatly.

Skills_20140608“You’re gonna need a lot more than that.” He placed his hands on his hips as if he were about to lecture me.

Holding up both hands in surrender, I chuckled, “I’m joking Chief. I just need you to have the Tengu ready to go.”

“She’s ready.” He crossed his arms, taking a stance of denial. “You sure about this?”

“I’m sure and it’s a him.” I turned back to my handy work painted on the side of the Tengu hull and smiled. “Jester’s Trek.”

04 Vale IVJester’s Trek Exploration Tengu Fit of the Week

1,624 systems explored making that 29.9% of New Eden with no ship losses so far.

Madirmilire VIII, Niarja Gate

New Eden Explorers: DrJonF Rockit

Continuing our New Eden Explorers series this week, next up we have DrJonF Rockit.

I must confess that I’m not one for sources of News in RL (Real Life). So, it should come as no surprise that I don’t follow gaming news sites either. Nothing personal, per say, I simply think they all leave a lot to be desired when it comes to unbiased reporting. Oh well, such is life. When my good friend and longtime supporter, Rhavas, pointed me at, I have to say I was a little reluctant, but I’m glad I did.

There you will find a new series of Exploration Videos done by DrJonF Rockit. He’s traveling the cluster, presenting lore, and video footage along the way. The series just started a couple of months ago, and you can find them linked below. I’ve already learned of a couple of sites I wasn’t aware of, or forgot, or simply missed, during my own personal journey. For example, for a cheap ship wash and latte, be sure to visit Choonka’s. You’ll have to watch the videos to find out where. 😉

Landmarks Unknown: EVE Gate
Landmarks Unknown: Amarr Empire
Landmarks Unknown: The Gallente Federation

What attracted you to EVE Online and how long have you played?


DrJonF Rockit

DrJonF Rockit

When I became a capsuleer it was in 2008 and I had exhausted my interest in orcs and mages and anything else that wielded magic. My interests in FPS outer-space oriented games like Descent III and FreeSpace led me to a game called Freedom Fighter. But the interest in PVP was not quite there with that game. I branched out to find any other game that met my interests, that’s when I found Eve.

The whole era of PVP in top down games like WoW (aka: MMORPG) interested me the most, it was the time when the story about the friends of an IRL player who died held a vigil in silence when a horde came through and slaughtered them all as they sat mourning. Since that point, the IRL / PVP / MMORPG game genre had my attention.

Not knowing anything about Eve I brought Dr Jon into the world of Eve Online and proceeded to be a terrible pilot, afraid of PVP. After all, once you realize that all the long mining efforts and arduous mission running can be thwarted in 3 seconds when you make the wrong turn, I became the typical “carebear” in New Eden.

How would you describe your characters career path?

DrJonF Rockit_StandingI believe I started my first Eve character as an industry character. It was my sole ambition to make money running goods to Nullsec and selling them at high prices. I was grotesquely unaware of the logistics behind such a bold mission statement. Since then I have mined and bought low, sold high, one isk’d, and adjusted market values on items in systems where I saw needs arise. In the end I gave all that up for the rush of PVP in a Nullsec corp. The path I took with Jon was very scattered and not well thought out or planned.

Today I can honestly say that my other Eve characters have wasted very few moments with the wrong training. I was lucky in some respects when I realized how some skills that I trained haphazardly ended up working out in my favor out here in Nullsec.

I did not seriously consider exploration in eve (outside of my fascination with wormholes) until I landed the job exploring for posterity and making videos.

What attracted you to explore New Eden? What is your goal and have you achieved it? If not, are you still working towards your goal, do plan to continue, or what are you currently doing?

I was interested in a new perspective for my vision of New Eden. I had been making some fun videos for corp recruitments and propaganda videos with Eve graphics using FRAPS.

My goal is to finish my set number of episodes for MDC, I won’t disclose the amount of episodes or their content but my goal is to present the lore of Eve to players with integrity. As far as my achievements, so far so good.

What is the name of your favorite ship that you enjoy flying the most while exploring? Why is it your favorite? Would you mind sharing your fit?

My favorite ship to explore in Eve is my Leopard, simply because it is unarmed and very expensive. But moreover it is probably one of the coolest looking ships in the game. Slap some mods on it? It would be by far my favorite PVP ship (if they ever did that).

Other than that, the important thing is to use a cloaking ship, or a rookie ship. Simply because you may need to visit a site that has rats where you can’t kill them. Rats don’t pod you so it makes the most sense to go in a rookie ship in some cases. With a rookie ship you get one pass through a gate camp. If you can’t make it, at least



you didn’t lose an expensive ship. I will share this fit with you as it is my regular cloaky explorer. If I need to get somewhere risky in NULL I will take this.

[PVP HAM Dark Knife XVII]
Damage Control II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Large Shield Extender II
1MN Microwarpdrive II
Shadow Serpentis Warp Scrambler
Stasis Webifier II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Field II
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Scourge Rage Heavy Assault Missile
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Scourge Rage Heavy Assault Missile
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Scourge Rage Heavy Assault Missile
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Scourge Rage Heavy Assault Missile
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Scourge Rage Heavy Assault Missile
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Tengu Defensive – Supplemental Screening
Tengu Electronics – Dissolution Sequencer
Tengu Offensive – Covert Reconfiguration
Tengu Propulsion – Interdiction Nullifier
Tengu Engineering – Augmented Capacitor Reservoir

During your research and travels, what has been the most interesting fact, amazing sight, or other aspect of New Eden that surprised you?

So far, the most amazing fact is that the Minmatar are part of the Gallente bloodline. I had no idea.

The coolest site so far has been Blood Reach which has some very cool visuals. You can see this location in my latest video featuring the Amarr, LandMarks Unknown: Amarr Empire.

The biggest surprise was the barren trip devoid of hostiles at the Eve Gate.

What have you learned or what advice would you give to someone interested in exploring New Eden?

I have learned that there is very little wiggle room for factual Eve lore. The more interesting thing is that there are SO MANY different significant locations in space that tie directly with the lore.

Do you have a favorite image that you wouldn’t mind me posting and sharing from your explorations?

Favorite image from my video series: LandMarks Unknown with Dr. Jon F. Rockit

New Eden Gate

New Eden Gate

New Eden Regions: The Forge

Hykkota V, Outuni Gate

Hykkota V, Outuni Gate

Welcome to the start of another series called the “New Eden Regions”. This series I’ll explore each region in New Eden sharing some lore, stats, interesting things to see from EVE Travel, as well as some of my favorite images. I’ll be doing the series in the order that I’ve explored them fully and hope to post one up each month. Comments, suggestions, and other thoughts are always welcome. Especially let me know if you enjoy.

The Forge
Caldari State

For the hard working, corporate state, industrialist, the Caldari, the region called “The Forge” is suitably named. As the name implies, this particular region of space represents the hard working citizens of the Caldari and the home of New Eden’s major market hub, Jita. Here you will find from all over New Eden people of all races, factions, independents, mega-corporations, and yes, even pirates, selling goods and services of everything imaginable. With untold billions of isk trading hands each day the opportunity for profit is just as great as the fortunes that can be lost. Traveling across the cluster can be dangerous, but trading in Jita can leave you with nothing if you’re not careful.

04 New Caldari Prime, Moon 1, Chief Executive Panel & Poksu Mineral Group

New Caldari Prime

Just one jump away from Jita is New Caldari, the Capital of the Caldari State after the Gallente-Caldari war. New Caldari was a nickname until it became official after Caldari Prime was lost. Having already become a major resource hub and location for heavy Caldari industry, it’s no wonder the system was chosen to become the new seat of power for the Caldari State and for the “Big Eight” corporations. Today with its easy access to Jita it certainly makes it a corner stone of Caldari’s industrial might.

Maurasi I

Maurasi I

The home system of my people, the Achura, can also be found in “The Forge” in the Saisio System. The third rock from the sun, Achura, is also the name of our home world. For over three centuries, the Achura have been part of the Caldari State. More than once I’ve been told how true I am to the spirit of my people. I can’t deny my reclusive, introverted personality, nor can I deny my desire to reach a higher spiritual self by finding the hidden treasures across New Eden. The treasures that I seek are not those material things that most seem to find joy in, no, what I search for is knowledge and understanding. Understanding all that there is to know, to see all that there is to see, to find myself in the larger scheme of things. It’s why I’m able to travel across the universe alone with no crew. My choices and my consequences are mine and mine alone.

Mark726 of EVE Travel has done a fantastic job of cataloging sights to see in the cluster. No need for me to duplicate that effort, nor could I achieve the level of quality that he’s put into it. However, I thought it would benefit my fellow explorers to link those sights in The Forge region that he’s explored.

EVE Travel Links

06 Eskunen VI, Caldari Construction Warehouse

Eskunen VI, Caldari Construction Warehouse

Kylmabe X, Itamo Gate

Kylmabe X, Itamo Gate

Friend or Foe

“I want those who get to know me to become admirers or my enemies.” – “Friend or Foe”, Adam Ant

18.05.yc116 Nuzair < Emsek Constellation < Tash-Murkon

OOC: This week I’d like to share some updates on my pirate alt, favorite images from Tash-Murkon so far, and a couple of community highlights.



For those that don’t know or haven’t figured it out yet, my alt Stray has become a noob pirate. I’ve joined the ranks of Stay Frosty and have to say I’m enjoying the experience so far. The corp contains a great group of folks, helpful, patient, and understanding of my silly questions. Kind of the opposite of what you’d expect from a group of pirates, huh? Yulp. To help you get into the spirit of things, this You Tube video was linked for our message of the day this last week. Alestorm – You Are a Pirate!

It’ll be eleven years of playing EVE Online next month and would you believe I’ve never once PvP’d? Only once was blown-up and podded and that was by choice nearly six years ago, I think it was. (That’s a funny story I’ll have to share some time.) Yes, that’s right, HighSec carebear all of those years dabbling in just about everything except PvP. Granted, I’ve never been fearful of traveling into LowSec, but NullSec I’ve rarely jumped into. That’ll be changing soon too as Katia’s exploration will be done with Empire space as she continues her journey exploring New Eden one system at a time.

Azerakish XII, Yeder Gate

Azerakish XII, Yeder Gate

Now, I have a -0.1 security status for the first time ever and Stray is on a killboard. Yarr! The negative status actually came about from my first Stay Frosty fleet as we shot up a POCO’s (Player Owned Customs Office) in our home system on our Corp birthday. I really wasn’t ready yet as I had just started training on the character, but how could I resist beginning my pirate career on the corp birthday. Afterwards, we went out on a romp in newbie ships for fun, but didn’t catch anything. Switched up to frigates and only had one catch for the day, which by the time I could even target them, they were destroyed. I’ve not had a chance to get back into action since, so I’ve mainly been skilling up, getting my overview setup, and acquiring/fitting 50 Tristans. Yesterday, Crossing Zebra’s was hosting a FFA (Free For All) in Hysera so I got 12 of my ships over there and had my first real PvP fun.

Kibursha I, Ministry of Assessment Information Center

Kibursha I, Ministry of Assessment Information Center

And fun it was, lol. Learned a great deal. Like it’s a good idea to launch your drones for more damage. I forgot a couple of times! Also, I learned real quick that “Escape” tab I setup was very useful for getting my pod out quickly. Only lost one pod out of the 12 ships I lost. Got down to 12 structure on another pod, but got out just in time. Whew! Not that it really hurt losing the pod, as I’m still under 900,000 skill points. All in all, I learned how to read my overview, find targets, and I did get better and faster targeting, launching drones, pod escaping, etc. In particular, this fight was my favorite, because it started 1 on 1, was fun, I was losing but that was alright, then the destroyer came in and popped both of us. :( Still, I got top damage dealer and it was a blast. No pun intended.


Motoko Rei

Alright, enough pirate talk, so let’s move onto a couple of community spotlights. First up, I’d like to introduce “Into the Ether – The many lives of Motoko Rei”. Motoko has been blogging for almost a year now and was recently inspired by my New Eden Cemetery post. He’s gone and explored the site as well and posted about his experience. Check it out, I think there’s an explorer’s heart there for sure and look forward to reading more about his journey through the cluster.



Also recently returned to New Eden and someone who’s taken a turn to exploration is Mynxee and her blog, “Outlaw Insouciant”. I was just starting to follow her blog several years ago when she was a pirate, shortly before she took an extended break from EVE. Now she’s returned and has taken up exploration and is sharing her talent to document the experience via a Moleskine journal using pencil, ultra-fine Sharpie, and watercolors. Absolutely amazing and a talent that I wish I shared. I think this is going to be an excellent exploration blog with some pirating on the side. 😉

Goram IX, Ahrosseas Gate

Goram IX, Ahrosseas Gate

Coming up, next week I hope to post my first in a series entitled, “The Regions” where I will share favorite images, lore, stats, sites to see, and anything else I can come up with on each region I’ve explored so far in New Eden. That means The Forge will be highlighted first. I’ve also got 7 other New Eden Explorer interviews lined up, including myself (I guess, lol).

Until then, fly smart, fly safe!

Shousran VII, Imperial Shipment Storage

Shousran VII, Imperial Shipment Storage

New Eden Explorers: Black Claw

Welcome to the first in a series entitled “New Eden Explorers”. In this series I hope to introduce explorers from around EVE Online: What drives them, how’d they get started, and where are they now. Each one brings a different perspective to exploration that I think you will enjoy. These are the folks that go beyond the Exploration sites of the game. Rather, they dive into the lore, seek out the beauty of New Eden, find the hidden treasures, or create their own content.

First in the series is Black Claw. A New Eden explorer who started out on a similar journey as my own which is to visit each star system in the cluster. Taking the difficult route first, he’s been exploring off and on for as long as I have and so far has completed 768 systems in 11 regions, all in Nullsec. You can visit his blog at “Touring New Eden: An EVE Online Adventure” for more details.

What attracted you to EVE Online and how long have you played?

Black Claw

Black Claw

I’ve been playing for 8 years now, having joined in April 2006. It feels like a very long time. I became a pilot because I wanted to be part of something that was unpredictable and spontaneous and huge. I’d read about the activities of the Guiding Hand Social Club infiltrating a corp and gaining their trust for over a year, before assassinating its CEO and taking all the assets and money. While that was not something I wanted to do (and I’ve never done anything like it in all my years of playing), the idea that I could DO that was something that greatly appealed to me. I decided to start playing Eve because it aligned with one of my strongest values in life – freedom of choice.

How would you describe your characters career path?

I first joined a Black Ops corp. But they weren’t very good so then I joined an anti-pirate corp and, as a result of various conversations I had with their CEO about how they could be better anti-pirates, I quickly became his Strategic Operations Advisor. This gave me an element of confidence that made me decide to start my own anti-pirate corp, Black Scorpion Ltd. It was mostly an industrial corp that supported anti-pirate activities. That was a great period, but was also when I started to get itchy feet about wanting to travel and see the galaxy.

I set off on my journey only to be called back by a big war the corp had gotten involved with. This was a huge thing at the time, and it ended up being that one of my trusted directors had paid a merc corp to attack us because he didn’t like how I was leading the corp, so in his mind it was better to pay mercs to destroy the corp than to talk to me about his concerns. I don’t understand some people and what makes them think the way they do…. Anyway, we won that war, the mercs withdrew, and I kicked out the director.

But that war made me see the value of a focused combat corp, so I disbanded Black Scorpion Ltd and created a corp focused on combat. I named it Scorpion’s Sting, as a combat-focused legacy of Black Scorpion Ltd. However, I didn’t focus on getting members for it, and instead ended up deviating from my original intent and using it as a corp for my solo activities. Those activities initially were about travelling some more, but I lost my way out there in the darkness. I ended up becoming a pirate.

Surprisingly, it was a lot of fun for a while. Between you and me, I don’t really like PVP, and never have, so I sought out how to avoid PVP as a pirate, while ensuring that the only times I engaged someone was when I considered the odds overwhelmingly in my favor. It didn’t always work out that way, but I became a specialist in stealth operations. I could travel the stars and evade others like you wouldn’t believe.

And then one day I got the bright idea of teaching others how to do the same. I formed OUCH, the Open University of Celestial Hardship. It was a play on ‘the school of hard knocks’, and I created it to teach people how to PVP while also being able to travel safely throughout Nullsec. It was great fun and very successful, and I even became a -10 pirate while leading the corp, but after a couple of years I decided I needed to move on. Those itchy feet again.

This time around, I vowed to continue my travels around the galaxy. I handed the reins of OUCH to people I trusted, and rejoined Scorpion’s Sting to continue my travels. After a period of time, however, I decided to formalize my travels into a travel-focused corp. I formed Touring New Eden, and started promoting it to others who also wanted to travel, explore, or just do their own thing. I banned PVP and created training material for members to read (if they wanted to), that would help them travel Nullsec without dying, by teaching them what to look out for and avoid, and how to get out of tricky situations.

That also went well, and within a few months I got a lot of interest and over 150 members. But I got distracted by real life (getting married, moving cities, looking for new work, starting my own business…), and let interest fade. I’m back into it now, and I’ve kicked out over 100 inactive members (I have a policy of removing anyone who hasn’t logged in for over 3 months), and I’m starting afresh to get more people involved.

That’s my career so far. Where my path takes me in the future is anyone’s guess.

What attracted you to explore New Eden? What is your goal and have you achieved it?

It’s huge. It needs to be explored. I originally wanted to visit every single system in the galaxy, and document my travels and adventures, and maybe get myself noticed by the Jovians, who would then invite me into Jovian space so I could explore and document that too. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

I’m still interested in achieving that goal, but it’s not something I’m obsessively driven by. I’m happy to take breaks, try different things, keep the concept of ‘variety and excitement’ alive as I explore a life in New Eden.

What ship do you enjoy flying the most while exploring? Why is it your favorite? Would you mind sharing your fit?



My favorite ship was once a Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser, because it allowed me to fly cloaked while ignoring the effects of warp bubbles as I travelled through Nullsec. But then they invented the technology to allow Interceptors to ignore warp bubbles too, so that’s my favorite ship now. It’s much cheaper too! I can potentially lose 20 Interceptors for the same price as a single Tech 3 Cruiser, so the cost/benefit ratio is much better for travel. It’s much faster, and almost impossible to catch. Fitting its low slots with Warp Core Stabilizers to help prevent being caught, while having an align and to-warp time of less than 2 seconds is a Godsend.

During your travels, what has been the most interesting fact, amazing sight, or other aspect of New Eden that surprised you?

The single most interesting fact I’ve discovered is how freakin’ empty Nullsec is. You hear about massive alliances in operation throughout Nullsec, but when you’re out there travelling, most of Nullsec is empty, and you’re alone. Those alliances congregate in a select few systems, rather than spread out across entire regions, and you’re mostly alone when you’re travelling, save for the occasional patrol or war fleet you stumble upon.

I like being alone out there in the quiet. It’s relaxing. Much better than Highsec.

What have you learned that you would share or what advice would you give to someone who’s interested in exploring New Eden?

I’d recommend interested people come and talk to me about joining Touring New Eden, and I’ll be able to help them learn how to travel all of New Eden without dying. It can be done, and it’s easy to do. Just takes a bit of practice and knowledge, which I can provide. /end plug

Do you have a favorite image that you wouldn’t mind me posting and sharing from your explorations?

Most of my travels so far have been in Nullsec, and to be honest I’ve zoomed through most of it to try and get as much done as I can. Stopping and taking photos just hasn’t been on my mind that much. There’s a few landmarks out there in nullsec of course, and I took a few photos, but I wouldn’t say they’re worth sharing. I want to see wrecks of Titans! And all the other amazing things out there that I’m yet to find. That’s what I find so exciting, the variety of amazing sights and adventures.

That concludes this installment of the “New Eden Explorers”. I’ve got several more lined up and plan on posting one a month over the next few months. I hope you find this series interesting and enjoyable, please let me know what you think. If you’re an explorer or know of someone that would be a great candidate to be featured, then please let me know. The only requirements are they be an explorer that’s active in the community sharing their experiences via a blog, podcasting, twitter, etc.

Fly smart, fly safe!

Things to come

“Time, why you punish me?” – “Time”, Hootie and the Blowfish

02.05.yc116 Shera < Nazdirer Constellation < Genesis

OOC: Since my return, I still find myself looking for time. It seems every time I sit down to write an entry for this blog, something comes up that diverts my attention. Then, when I come back to focus once more, I lack the time for quality and go for just getting it done. For that, I apologize, and if you’re still sticking with me, thanks so much. Some of the activities that were taking my attention away are settling down now, so I should have more time in the coming months. At least through the summer for sure. (Wonder how many times, I can say time. 😉 )

Ahbazon IX, Moon 2

Ahbazon IX, Moon 2

Some have asked what happened to my original blog entries. Well, I have to laugh, because I had learned long ago the importance of backups. Now I have learned the importance of having more than one. When I took down the site, I had made my backup, but for some reason, it was corrupted. Perhaps versions have changed enough it’s no longer good or it wasn’t a good backup to begin with, I’m not sure. Heck if I know what version things were at that time, I should have noted that as well, but didn’t think it would be a big deal if I started up again. Apparently it is. No worries and such is life.

Others have asked why I left. There’s many reasons why. Mainly, I lost my mother, then my father, both passing away within a couple of years of each other. My mother hitting me the hardest as we were close. (Katia’s story of losing her father is a reflection of that time.) My father and I never really got along that well, but we loved each other and his loss hurt just as much. Travel for work had kicked up again and I found myself getting lost in a couple of other MMO’s.

Diaderi X

Diaderi X

EVE, however, is the only MMO I keep coming back to again and again. Others, once I’ve left, I was gone, with the exception of two, which I hardly stayed a month in each of those after returning and I was gone again. But EVE…I don’t know why exactly, I can’t put my finger on it, I just keep coming back. It’s odd, because I love RP (Roleplay), creating characters, and playing out their lives. Yet, I’ve never found any RP in game, only outside the game via this blog and that’s pretty much solo. I consider myself retired from RP now, so that no longer matters.

The other thing is, I’ve been unable to get my real life friends into EVE. Some have tried it, but left, so I’ve been a solo/loner player all these years. It’ll be 11 years next month, yulp, I’ve been here since the beginning. I’ve tried a couple of corps, but they ended up not being as friendly or as active as I had thought they would’ve been. So, I’ve just kept to myself, doing my own thing.

Until now. I’m changing things up a bit. I’m going to try some new things that I’ve never done before in EVE. Since I keep coming back to this game anyway, I might as well focus my attention here and see about making new friends. This blog and Katia will continue, as I consider her my main, and it’s my hope to bring the quality up. I’ve got a couple of features in mind that I’ll be starting soon, one is a series on the “New Eden Explorers”, where I hope to post some capsuleer interviews about their journey through EVE. The other is a series about the Regions I’ve explored, sharing their lore, what’s special about them, and some of my favorite images while traveling through them.

Dom-Aphis VIII, Alal Gate

Dom-Aphis VIII, Alal Gate

Look for the first in the “New Eden Explorers” series next week!

As for the other “changing up” things going on, my two alts have joined corps. One is a PvP corp, which I have never had any experience with in EVE. I figured after a decade in and out of the game, it really is about the only thing I’ve not done. More than likely my first kill will probably get a PLEX from me because yeah, I’m gonna feel that bad, lol. My other alt has joined a Highsec industrial corp, where I hope to make some new things and friends. I’m looking forward to both and have received a much warmer welcome than I have in my past experience with corps, so things are already looking up.

Fly smart, fly safe! (and watch out! If my alt kills you, I’m truly sorry. If you kill me, which I’m sure will be more often than not, then good fight, Stay Frosty!)


Images this week are from the Genesis Region

Hesarid VI

Hesarid VI

By Katia Sae Posted in OOC

Genesis – In the beginning

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” – Genesis 1-1, Bible, King James version

20.04.yc116 New Eden < EVE Constellation < Genesis

New Eden… For as long as I’ve been sailing the stars, it’s hard to believe that I’m just now arriving where it all began. Not where I’m personally from, Saisio III, but the place where it started for all of us. The New Eden system in the EVE Constellation, Genesis Region. It is believed that our forefathers came through the EVE Gate several millennia ago. It’s unknown what the letters “EVE” mean that are written prominently over the top of the gate. Today, the gate is viewed by the Sisters of EVE as part of their religious belief that God is on the other side and that it is His will that they study it thoroughly.

New Eden I

New Eden I

From here, our ancestors spread rapidly among the stars around AD 7989 to 8061. Then tragedy struck, the once stable wormhole at the New Eden Gate collapsed. The colonies were cut off and our dark ages began. Millions died, colonies were destroyed, and humanity started all over again until we once again claimed the stars as our own today. Yet, we still remain in the dark as to what lies beyond the gate.

I enjoyed my time in the EVE Constellation. There were some interesting sights to see. Sadly, due to the high levels of radiation and the dangers present around the collapsed gate, we are unable to approach it. Regardless, the New Eden system itself is still something to see and something I recommend for every capsuleer to take the time out and visit. Be sure to swing by the Dead End system and see the mysterious monolith while you’re in the area. A quick check with Aura and you’ll learn that – “It’s full of stars.”

Dead End Black Monolith

Black Monolith

Now for that time of the month…. Flight statistics

16 Regions completed for a total of 1,278 systems with no ships or pods losses. I’m 23.5% complete with my plan to visit all High, Low, and Null Sec systems of New Eden.

Fly safe!

Central Point IV, Gateway Gate

Central Point IV, Gateway Gate

Planet Hunters in the ‘Verse

18.04.yc116 Jeni < Jatari Constellation < Kor-Azor Region

OOC (Out of character):

Voyager I in the New Eden System

If you’re a fan of EVE Online or SciFi in general, and I’m assuming that you are since you’re here, then there’s probably a better than average chance that you’re a follower of real life space related news. That’s very true in my case. As a child growing up in the 60’s, I remember sitting in my elementary class room and watching NASA’s Apollo missions. At home, I recall watching the original Star Trek series on TV. Both stirred within me the sense, wonder, and awe that is our universe.

Today, with our advances in technology, the advent of the internet, and our ever increasing connectedness, we’re able to do many things that seemed unfathomable in days past. Who would have ever thought that a common person such as myself, could lend a hand or offer services to help in scientific pursuits? I believe the first such joint venture was the SETI at Home program. Where you could lend your personal computing power to aid in the data analysis for possible signals from beyond our solar system.

My character in EVE Online, Katia Sae, has a personal mission to visit every system in the game and record her journey by taking “pictures”, screen shots, of every planet along the way. In real life, like her, I’m offering my time and services to aid in the search for extraterrestrial planets via a website called Planet Hunters. So what is Planet Hunters?

Artist’s impression of the Kepler telescope

On March 7, 2009, NASA launched the Kepler spacecraft as part of their Discovery Program. Its mission was to survey a portion of our region in the Milky Way to discover Earth-sized extrasolar planets in or near the habitable zone of that systems star. The habitable, or Goldilocks, zone is basically an orbital distance around a star that would place a planet not too close as to be too hot, or too far away to be too cold for liquid water to pool on the surface and therefore provide an environment for life to form as we understand it today. The Kepler mission basically takes observational readings of a stars emitted light and looks for dips in the brightness to determine if something, such as a planet, crosses in front of the star.

Basically like how we could measure the sharp decease in light seen by us as our moon eclipses our sun. That’s a drastic example because what Kepler is really looking for is something more along the lines of how we would observe Mercury or Venus transiting across our sun. If you were to measure the light of our sun before the transit, it would be at a higher reading than when one of those planets passes in front of it, even as small of a measurement that loss of light would be. That’s the kind of minute measurements that Kepler’s data is being analyzed for. The interesting thing is, even with our computing power and mathematical analysis that we’re able to perform, there’s nothing like the human eye that can spot patterns where machines fail.

Artist concept of Kepler 186f

That’s where Planet Hunters comes in to play. The data from the Kepler project is visually presented in a manner that allows someone, a volunteer, to see how the brightness of a star changes over time. As of July 2012, over 12 million observations had been analyzed by human eyes and of those, 34 candidate planets had been found that the machines missed. Most amazing of all, two Planet Hunter volunteers found a Neptune-like planet orbiting a four star, double binary, system. That’s two sets of two stars, all orbiting each other, and the planet orbiting them. That’s a really complex solar system and really amazing that they found it simply by looking at the data. As Spock would say, “Fascinating”.

Just this last week on April 17th, 2014, scientist announced Kepler 186f to be the first near Earth sized planet to be found within the “Goldilocks zone” of its star. Now that’s not the first planet found. So far, the Kepler project has found 962 confirmed planets and 2,800 candidates that need to be studied and verified. Those planets have all either been outside the habitable zone, too large, or too small, to be considered as truly Earth like. We may never be able to fully verify that Kepler 186f is truly Earth like because of its 500 light-year distance from us and our current technological ability to study it, but it looks pretty good from what we know so far. It may be possible to positively verify Earth like planets that are closer to us, once we find them, via telescopes that can take temperature and mass measurements or by identifying molecules in their atmospheres.

Kepler186_SystemSo, it would seem at the moment, that possible Earth like planets are 1 in 1,000 or maybe 1 in 500 if you count us. So, when you consider the billions and billions of stars out there…. hmm. The Kepler team has estimated, based on their findings, that there are at least 50 billion planets in the Milky Way with at least 500 million in the habitable zone. That’s just OUR galaxy. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory stated if all galaxies have similar numbers as ours, then there could be sextillion “Earth analog” planets in our universe.

How’s that for a New Eden?

You can read more about the Kepler spacecraft and Planet Hunters via Wikipedia, which has all the links to the resources. Check out this resource of Kepler’s Tally of Planets. It visually shows and compares all of the systems and planets found so far with links to other articles about them. Really cool.

Fly safe!

Our Solar System compared to Kepler-186

PLEX Giveaway Result & CSM9 Election

06.04.yc116 Anath System < Fabai Constellation < Aridia Region

Happy to report that we have a winner of the EVE1K PLEX giveaway contest. I honestly didn’t believe that it would be too difficult, but after a few days watching folks trying and not finding the code, I realized I probably needed to hand out a few hints. Congratulations to XtraCtrl on figuring out the clues and finding the number sequence. The final clue that keyed XtraCtrl in was: “What is Katia’s home system.” Here’s how she went about figuring it out.



Thank you so much for the PLEX! It was fun trying to work out the clues, as soon as I read the ‘about me’ section of your blog I googled Achura bloodlines and came to the conclusion it was Saisio III, I had all 3 versions of the planet open in photoshop looking for watermarks or hidden numbers lol, I even tried inspect element through Google Chrome. I eventually saw the information button and found the sequence and was greatly surprised to see nobody figured it out before me.

I will put this ISK towards learning and dying in PVP. You have made a newbie very happy.

Thank you,

The answer was Saisio III and could be found in a subfolder for that system in the PreDominion expansion images. You can follow this link to see. There were a couple of factors that went into choosing that system. Just as XtraCtrl figured out, it was part of Katia’s lore and it was the very first system that was explored. Like I said, I didn’t want it to be too difficult, the tricky part was checking out the subfolders as well, not just the current images for Saisio.

It was nice getting the positive feedback from many folks that enjoyed looking for the code as well as seeing the images themselves, which is what I was hoping for most of all. Thanks again to everyone that took the time to play. I’ll have to see about doing other contest along the way as I reach future milestones.

Lastly for this post, I wanted to drop a quick reminder to be sure and vote on this upcoming CSM9 election.  If you’re one of those that think your voice isn’t heard — then it certainly isn’t if you don’t vote. Stop for a moment and think about it. If CCP believed that the CSM wasn’t worth it, then they would have done away with the council a long time ago. Just the very fact that they do continue to allow players a voice through an election process to form a council should be enough for everyone to realize just how important it is. It’s come a long way since CSM1 with many learning experiences and growth pains, but in the end, it’s been beneficial for both the players and CCP. By voting, YOU are empowering the players voices to be heard. So please, take a moment and vote. Here’s a list of the approved candidates. The elections will be soon.

Fly smart, fly safe!