EVE1K Systems Explored and PLEX Giveaway

“I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ay. Been holding it in for a while, ‘ay”
– “On Top Of The World”, Imagine Dragons

29.03.yc116 Chibi System < Mayonhen Constellation < Aridia Region

“Sittin’ here on my own now, crying my heart out, can’t even see…” Fitting lyrics from one of my favorite Roc Wieler tracks, “Sacrifice”, from “One Night of Roc” that I’m listening to in my quarters on CBD Corporate Storage facility, Chibi VI. It’s both a mixture of satisfied accomplishment and a bitter sweet moment wishing my father could have been alive to witness my 1,000th system explored.

1,000 systems.

The number almost seems improbable, I chuckled to myself thinking, because there are over 5,000 known colonized systems in New Eden. I’m only around 18% done. For those that have been paying attention to my statistics, you may have noticed that the total system count increased by about 200. Reviewing the database with Aura, I realized I had made a logic error during data retrieval and had ended up excluding systems that were non-faction aligned. Oops. Not a major error, but it would have been nice if it had worked in my favor instead of against. Well… that’s New Eden for you, even the database is out to get you.

Let’s run some numbers…

1,000 Systems explored, 13 Regions, no ship or pod losses so far. 8,600+ images in my gallery.

What does 1,000 systems explored look like? You can check my gallery as well to see a progression.

Systems 20140329 - 1k

Skills update…


Tharadin Khardula

Tharadin Khardula

Alright, enough of the details, time for the giveaway. I had already decided when I entered and finished my 1,000th system explored, I would give out 100 million isk among those in system. As it turns out, at the moment I finished, there was only one person in local. Congratulations to Tharadin Khardula of Amarr Industry and Transport [TAITC]. Special thanks to him as well for the offer of future assistance if needed, much appreciated!


Here’s how it’ll work. Somewhere, lost in my gallery, there is a sequence of numbers that can be found. The first person to send me an in game EVE mail with the EXACT planet name as well as the number sequence, will win a PLEX. Please include what high sec or low sec station you would like it delivered to.

Good luck pilots and fly safe!