New Eden Explorers: Katia Sae

Katia Sae (Original)

Katia Sae (Original)

“Aura, tell me again why I’m doing this.” I stated more than asked, already knowing the answer. It was a delaying tactic after all.

“Of course Katia,” Aura replied, “You have had several inquiries about your New Eden Explorer Series and when you were going to provide an interview about yourself. You added a reminder within my programming to alert you at an appropriate time. Since it has been some time since your last interview, I proceeded to…”

“Alert me. Yes, I know.”

“My apologies, Katia.” I could hear the programmed confusion in Aura’s voice. “If you already knew the answer to the question, then why…”

“Because I really hate talking about myself.” I sighed and wondered for a moment if it bothered Aura when I cut her off.

Katia Sae

Katia Sae (Current)

“Shall I begin the questioning?” She asked, seemingly not bothered in the least about my lack of social decorum.

I sighed again.

“My apologies Katia, but I did not understand your reply.”

“Sure… alright… if you insist.”

“I did not mean to imply…”

“Just get on with it.” I grinned, getting some enjoyment from harassing my ships AI, even if it didn’t bother her.

“Very well then.” She replied with what seemed like a hint of pleasure. Did Aura feel she was getting me back? I shook my head at the thought, of course it didn’t feel. I think I’ve been in space without any human contact for far too long now. With many more months to go in Null Sec, I’m fearful I might just find myself out of my mind by the end of exploring K-Space.

I sighed again.

Tell us why you became a capsuleer. What was it that appealed to you to become a pilot in a dangerous and unforgiving environment? (What attracted you to EVE Online and how long have you played?)


Katia Sae Portrait by Mynxee

Because of my Grandfather, honestly. He saw in me, when I was a child, my fascination with the stars. My family are Achura from Saisio III in the Okomon Constellation, Forge region. It’s often said of our race that we are reclusive, introverted, care little for the material world and desire to unlock the ‘secrets of the universe’. Granted, generalizations are often not fair, but in my case, those descriptors are woven into my soul. My Grandfather saw that and it wasn’t until a few years after I completed my tour of duty for the Caldari State and became an explorer of New Eden, that I learned he was the person responsible for funding my application, clone creation, and schooling to become a capsuleer.

I owe him for making my dream come true, but sadly it was his passing and beneficiary of his will that provided the funds, so it’s kind of bitter sweet. I miss him and would love to know what it was he did to afford the kind of funding it takes to become a capsuleer. All I know is he served on ship as crew. I’ve heard it was a capsuleers ship, but don’t know for sure or who.

((OOC: Even though Katia’s journey began in December of 2009, my oldest character’s birthday is June 8th, 2003, so I’ve been playing Eve Online off and on since the beginning. I’m trying to remember specifically what attracted me to the game other than I’ve loved SciFi all my life in all mediums: Books, Movies, TV, Art, Games, you name it. I was playing Earth & Beyond and enjoyed it (they even had walking in stations! lol) but it seemed to not be taking hold with the players (and died a year or so later). EvE Online was starting up and the only other option really. So, I tried it, liked it, and here I am.))

What is your background as a pilot? Did you jump right into exploration, start in the military, hired by a corporation, or something else? (How would you describe your characters career path?)

Katia StandingAt the time I didn’t know who had provided the funds for my becoming a capsuleer, nor how they had the connections and pull to get me accepted into the Caldari State War Academy, but I wasn’t about to question my good fortune and gladly accepted the terms of enrollment. I had to work hard, both mentally and physically, it was after all, still up to me to fully qualify for the capsuleer program and I knew it would be the only way I would ever be able to see the stars on my own. So, I graduated from the academy, served my tour of duty in the military then underwent the capsuleer transformation. I had enough funds left over from my unknown benefactor at the time (my Grandfather), to purchase my first exploration ship.

((OOC: Katia’s career path is straight forward: Master of Exploration and the ships she flys. My other characters are varied from industry, mining, hauling, and a pirate PvPer, granted I don’t take her out much, it’s really not me, lol. So, for the most part carebearish player, but not exclusive to High Sec.))

What attracted you to explore New Eden? What is your goal and have you achieved it? If not, are you still working towards your goal, do plan to continue, or what are you currently doing?

I look at the stars and wonder what’s out there. What beauty can be found? What terror lurks in the shadows? The universe is huge and it truly is a mix of beauty and the beast. I enjoy living on the edge, exploring, and being places where often times I’m not wanted. My goal is simple and yet enormous at the same time. It is to explore all of New Eden, one system at a time. To boldly go, sailing forbidden seas. I’m still at it after five and half years. You can see my stats on my blog in the upper right hand side as well as my flight log to see my progress.

What is the name of your favorite ship that you enjoy flying the most while exploring? Why is it your favorite? Would you mind sharing your fit?

K-XJJT VIII, Jester's Trek

Jester’s Trek at K-XJJT VIII, The Spire

Jester’s Trek. Named in honor of Ripard Teg, who retired a couple of years ago. A capsuleer and fantastic blog writer who had answered my call to the community for an exploration fit Tengu that I intended to fly in Null Sec. His is my favorite for that reason as well as turning out to be exactly what I needed after proving the fit by safely navigating 1,947 systems in Null Sec so far: escaping camps, bubbles, actively being hunted, and so on. That’s as many systems as there are in Empire Space. I haven’t lost him yet…

During your research and travels, what has been the most interesting fact, amazing sight, or other aspect of New Eden that surprised you?

The residents of New Eden. I’ve encountered the kindest hearts that have offered their support and encouragement of my exploration journey. Without them, I think I would have stopped long ago. As much as I am doing this for myself, for the memory of my Grandfather, I also do it for those that follow and hearten me. Of course, there can be no measure of the goodness that New Eden has to offer without having a darkness to compare it against and I have encountered that darkness.

I’ve been taunted, ridiculed, laughed at, targeted, shot at, chased, cornered, and trapped by those that would wish me harm. Some do it out of self-defense and a lack of understanding about my mission. That’s something I completely understand and even honor. I am, after all, an unwelcome visitor and honestly, I can’t take time to reach out beforehand entering a new area of space to ‘ask permission’. Mainly, for one, I can’t accept an answer of no. I believe space is free to be explored without limits or hindrances other than what nature herself has placed before us. I understand the risk and I accept them, fully taking responsibility for my own actions and that there will be those that will defend ‘their’ space. That’s fine.

But then there are those that are truly evil. There’s just no other word to describe them. Their only intention is to harm and destroy life and they’ll go out of their way to do just that. The depths of the darkness that they expose provide the necessary balance to the heights of goodness I’ve experienced. Odd as it sounds, I’m thankful.

What have you learned or what advice would you give to someone interested in exploring New Eden?

New experiences are often preceded with fear: fear of the unknown, fear your abilities will not suffice, fear of failure. The unknown is nothing but ignorance and ignorance can be overcome with knowledge. Old abilities can be strengthened, new abilities can be acquired – both physical and mental. Failure only comes if you give up. In anything you do, learn from your mistakes, ask for guidance when needed, and don’t give up.

Do you have a favorite image that you wouldn’t mind me posting and sharing from your explorations?

You’re joking, right? You want me to pick just one out of the over 30,000 plus that I have? You pick it from my gallery! This interview is over…