Years have flown by my open window

“The years, the months, the days, and the hours have flown by my open window. Here and there an incident, a towering moment, a naked memory, an etched countenance, a whisper in the dark, a golden glow these and much more are the woven fabric of the time I have lived.” – Howard Thurman, Author

31.1.yc120 J160311 < B-C00038 < B-R00005

Signal Cartel, a beacon of light in a bleak universe. For 9 years, I’ve sailed the dangerous darkness of New Eden’s seas. Today marks my 3 year anniversary, proudly flying the colors of Signal Cartel. What an honor it’s been and a pleasure to see the corp grow into what it is today. I’ve been told that I have the privilege of being the non-leadership member with the most tenure. Most of my fellow corpmates would probably say, Katia who? I’m very much the quiet one, in the background, going about my adventure, in my own way. But behind the scenes, I’m very much involved and I would like to think that my DNA has left some mark on the corp as well as promoted some of its growth. I know when we began and over the years, I’ve had many tell me directly it was my blog and adventure that has inspired them to explore and for some, join the corp as well. I’m simply humbled that I’ve had a positive influence upon the New Eden community. So, here are two things I’d like to reflect on for my 3 year anniversary. One where the corp has had a positive impact on me and one that I believe I had a positive impact on the corp.

The Credo. For the most part, I’ve always flown with the mindset that is our corp Credo, but I had never put it down into words and I had never seen it so elegantly put into words before. When Signal Cartel was formed and I read up on it, I couldn’t believe that there before me, in words, was exactly how I tried to fly in New Eden. The decision to join was a no brainer and I would have joined even earlier than I did, but I was deep in Null Sec on my journey and had to find a wormhole connection back to Empire in order to dissolve Sagan Explorations, my corp. To dissolve a corp and join another, I had to be in a station and it took a week for me to find the right connections back to a high sec station so I could take care of that and submit my application to Signal.

It was the Credo that spoke to me from the beginning and it continues to influence me to this day as it has evolved. It’s the light I focus on in my travels and helps to keep me aligned. Capsuleers either get it or they don’t. Some of those who don’t try to change it, so I can’t thank Johnny Splunk and Mynxee enough for the hard line stance they take of protecting the Credo against those who don’t necessarily fit well with the corp and try to change it. It’s the essence of who we are and if it doesn’t click with you, then this is not the corp for you. If the heart of it should ever drastically change, then that will be the day that the light of Signal dies.

This is something I have to take credit for as it’s the greatest thing ever to be part of the influence that made it happen. I’m positive that I was the first to say it in the context of Signal Cartel. My blog post title, Can’t Stop the Signal, posted the day I joined, a week after Signal was formed, quickly became our motto and I smile every time I see it. (Being a big Firefly fan, it was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw the corp name, I knew it was fitting.) Never once did I think it would catch on like it did and it’s still used today. Like I said, I really don’t like self-recognition, but this one I just have to as I’m so proud to be a part of Signal and to know that in some small way, my DNA has indeed influenced what we are today.

Now for a quick update on my goal of exploring at least 3 new systems per day. I’m happy to report that as of today, I’ve explored 100 new wormhole systems. An average of 3.2 per day. I’m hoping to, and if I do, maintain this pace, that sometime later this year I’ll be able to enact my last phase of this leg of my journey. More details to come in the months ahead.

Fly clever!

8 comments on “Years have flown by my open window

  1. I am so proud to say that you are my Corp Mate. And as a fellow Browncoat, I have always loved knowing that you “Can’t Stop The Signal.”

    Fly well, Katia!

    • Thanks Lucas! The feeling is completely mutual. You and so many like you and I (I hope I can include myself in this comment) ARE Signal Cartel. We are the Credo, the heart, and the life of the corp.

  2. I remember reading your blog years ago when I was first learning about exploration in New Eden. You were just a legend to me then! You’re still a legend in the history of the cluster, but I’m glad to also be able to call you a valued corpmate. Can’t wait to see what you’ll get up to in your fourth year as a Signaleer!

    • I’m sooo humbled Thrice, thanks for the kind words. I’m also so glad that you’ve learned I’m just an explorer like yourself, I’m no legend. Like I told Lucas, WE are Signal Cartel and the Signal can’t be stopped. 🙂

  3. I will never forget how honored and excited I was when said that you were going to join! THE Katia Sae, joining our fledgling corp. WOW! You’ve been a steady, supporting presence in Signal Cartel the entire time: generous, helpful, a steady Credo light, and truly representative of what we are about. Congratulations on the progress in your Anoikis exploration…I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • You and Thrice! What am I going to do with the two of you? For me it was the opposite, I mean, THE Mynxee leading a new exploration corp? One where the Credo speaks to my explorers heart? Pfft, the Katia indeed. 🙂 It has been an absolutely pleasure to be part of such a wonderful corp. There are soooo many folks in the corp that go above and beyond, helpful, thoughtful, and some well known in their own right. Thank YOU for setting the example that we all try to live up to.

  4. Your blog has long been an EVE inspiration for me, so it was fascinating to read about what inspires you. I’m happily back among the harm hugs of Signal Cartel and I am already out in the black sowing rescue caches for our ESRC program.

    Can’t stop the signal.

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