Consummatum Est – It is Finished

“I’ve wandered the stars and now, at last, count my soul among them.” – Katia Sae, Stargazer

Katia Sae

09.03.yc121 Saisio < Okomon < The Forge

The voices of my Achura ancestors have quieted. I feel the warmth of my Grandfathers smile upon me. ‘Consummatum est Stargazer’, I hear him say, ‘it is finished.’

A little over nine years ago, 1st of December YC111, my journey began to explore all of New Eden and today, this day, 9th of March YC121, I have done just that. With the exception of the 230 unreachable Jove systems, I have visited every High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec, and yes, every wormhole system – Every system in New Eden — without losing a single ship.

Signal Cartel will be publishing an official press release and I will be posting more about how my corp and I managed to pull this off.


OMG! Katia is much more professional than I am. Unbelievable! I have visited every single player reachable system, 7,805 systems total, in all of New Eden, including the most difficult realm of Anoikis, WITHOUT LOSING A SINGLE SHIP!!! You can check out my final stats in the upper right corner of this page.

How? I’m sure you’re asking… stay tuned. I’ll be posting a behind the scenes look into this incredible journey, that would not have been possible without the help of my fellow corp mates and guess what? They didn’t even realize they were. 😉 (I imagine some had figured out the true story, but I’m hoping it was a big surprise at the end.)

Above banner photo of my ship, Consummatum Est, by Razorien

Quick Recap

Stay tuned, more to come about this journey.

THE LAST system
Party with my Explorer Mates! J174618 Redoubt

33 comments on “Consummatum Est – It is Finished

  1. *Bows down before his Queen*
    All hail Katia, greatest of all explorers !

    Truly a monumental achievement which I doubt will ever be equaled by anyone.
    You’re an example and an inspiration.
    Respect doesn’t cut it. I stand in awe ! 0_o

  2. It is indeed a moment that is now recorded in history! It is indeed a moment in time to finally sit back and breath a sigh of relief in taking on one of the most daring missions ever done in Eveonline.

    I salute you Katia, I salute you that you have set out to do something so differeent than the norm. You have done what no other explorer has ever done in Eve, and thats charting your name in the history books for all time.

    I have watched you from a distance even during my time in Eve, and since I have retired from Eve, I still followed you to see how long it would be before you finally made it home.

    In closing, I again CONGRATULATE you on a daring, timeless mission and a job WELL DONE! 07.

  3. EVE History has been made.
    Mind still blown about the scope of this achievement.

    Once again, congratulation to you, Katia! o7

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  5. A crusty ex0capsuleer climbs slowly to his feet in his retirement home at the news and raises his hand to his head in one last salute. From this old retired tourist:
    Katia, Jeran Tek salutes your incredible achievement.

  6. o7

    Great job, capsuleer. Signal Cartel has been doing great things that hardly anyone knows about but reaps the benefit every day in the cluster.

    • Nice job! I’ve pretty much retired, but prior to that, and long before your journey, I did something similar. Though I went through several ships (speed fit atrons) for me to manage a grand tour of all the notable monuments and landmarks, and a few nulsec constellations. I can’t imagine the patience it would take to go to every single system. I really look forward to seeing the more white knuckle stories of close calls.

  7. Great accomplishment and congratulations from a fellow nomad, i’m glad to see it also get some love from CCP!

    You live up to Melville’s quote.

    “As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”

  8. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am, truly a significant and monumental achievement. Congratulations for sticking to it all these years and for not giving up. Well done and well deserved.

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  10. I just discover this achievement througt CCP’s Linkedin page, I’m going to explore this blog! Congrats o7

  11. I realize I forgot to comment on this post! Katia, you embody everything that we are about in Signal Cartel. I am not only insanely proud that you finished your quest, but humbled that you honor us by being one of us. Congrats on a successful expedition…I can’t wait to see what journey you will boldly go on next! And we will be right there to encourage and assist.

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  13. Congratulations on your achievement, Katia!
    I wonder, after being driven all these years by the desire to complete your quest, what do you feel now? Is there a bit of emptiness or have you found another worthy objective?

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  16. You used the system the way I would like to do so. For exploring and fun, without fight and destruction. Since I read in your blog that this was difficult for a pro like you – could you give a newbie like me some hints or links for strategies and usages how to use the game in a non-destructive way?

    kind regards


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