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“We are an effective team.” – Victoria, Oblivion

My last three blog post were a behind the scenes look at the Great Hunt, the Signal Cartel corporate event that helped me to complete my journey. The more I wrote, the more I realized I just couldn’t say everything that I wanted to or thank all of those who participated. But, there is one last thing that I wanted to do before wrapping it all up and that was to review my goals, see how we did, and give my sincerest thanks once more to my fellow corp mates who made this all happen. I hope and I believe most of my corp mates realized why we kept it all OPSEC. I know there were some areas I could’ve done better, communication, and understanding of the event and rewards for one, and I’m sure there are other areas too. I think there may have been some misunderstandings on some things, I’m truly sorry and apologize for that if there were. I had several big goals and one of the main ones was to try and make sure anyone that wanted to participate could, no matter their level of experience or time in corp as well as spreading out the rewards to as many as we could. For an event this big and for as many people that participated, overall, I believe it was a great success.

How’d we do on the goals? Well let’s see, obviously we met some of them like keeping me alive, locating the last 600 systems, corporate wide participation from newbies to veterans alike, but what I’d like to focus on in this post is what impact the event had on our EvE Scout Rescue Cache deployment program (ESRC).

Let’s look at some numbers and graph as it wouldn’t be EvE without them! 😉 You can see in the yellow box in the graph below the timeframe of the Great Hunt. It’s easy and clear to see the increase of ESRC caches tended. Also, we ended up setting an all time corporate record of active caches of 2,174 on February 12th, 2019. That’s 83% of all wormholes that contained a rescue cache container.

I’m absolutely thrilled and happy with the levels of participation we had in ESRC program during the event. So glad to see my fellow corp mates step up to the challenge of not only finding wormholes for the Great Hunt, but also taking the time to deploy containers for ESRC along the way. Fantastic and great job!!! I hope everyone learned something from the experience and hope they continue to participate in our ESRC program. I think it shows that individually we can participate in something that together as a team becomes bigger than all of us. Check out our ESRC and SAR heroes!!!

There’s really only one goal I felt that fell short and that was encouraging the use of Tripwire (TW) and our corp mask. Signaleers, if you felt not many of your systems were verified during the Great Hunt, this is likely why. Not only was the Great Hunt dependent on a filled in TW chain, our SAR programs life blood is dependent on it as well. I hear in Alliance chat all the time from new members, what can I do to serve the corp, is there a place I can jump right in, and get started with rescues. Yes! Yes there is! I would encourage you to go out and explore wormhole space, take some ESRC supplies with you, crank up Allison and Tripwire. Map out your chains and fill in all of the details you possibly can on connections in the corp mask. By doing this, when you locate a SAR system, our SAR team is notified by Allison, they will then look at Tripwire and if all of the connection details are there with a chain that connects back to known space, guess what? They can get a SAR pilot in there ASAP to assist in holding the system until the stranded pilot can be safely lead out.

The Great Hunt worked much like our SAR team does. When a system was located, my team was notified, and we’d check Tripwire. If the chains and details were there, we could get to them in no time and secure the system. For me personally, when I logged in, I prioritized the systems I would go after based on the amount of details that were in TW and how close they were to my current location. I’d work those systems secured by my mates first, then the TW filled out systems from closest to furthest, then TW systems that had chains but lacked connection details, and lastly those systems that had no TW information. Fortunately for those last ones, Allison had chain information, but even she lacked the connection details. Those last ones were the hardest ones to work and took the longest. So, it was the best use of my time that allowed me to get the most systems verified in a gaming session. Thank Bob to each and everyone of my fellow Signaleers who took the time and filled out the TW details. I’ve no doubt you were the ones who were rewarded the most in The Great Hunt, at least I hope so because you definitely put in the effort and earned it. For the others, I would strongly encourage you to start using and filling in the TW details, especially if you’re one of the ones who ask the question, what can you do to help the corp. The SAR team will thank you!

This will be my last post on behind the scenes of The Great Hunt. So, I wanted to end it by thanking those who participated in the event as well as those who flew in The Great Fleet. My sincerest and deepest thanks to you all. I reached out for help, you didn’t disappoint, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

The Great Hunt Signaleers
The Great Fleet Signaleers
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