Can’t stop the Signal

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” – Frank Borman, Apollo 8 Astronaut

31.01.yc117 04-EHC < V2S-RH Constellation < Insmother

Perhaps this has happened to you, that moment when you first meet someone and feel like you’ve known them a lifetime or more. Or maybe you’ve read something that resonates with your very being, to your core, and you know it to be true. Or that moment upon hearing or seeing something and you know it’s meant to be.

03 KS-1TS III, Cat in Station

KS-1TS III, Cat in Station

When I began my exploration journey over five years ago now, there wasn’t any exploration corporations to be found. They didn’t exist, nor did I think they ever would. Likewise, I knew due to my own personal mission, I could never devote the necessary time and effort to grow a corporation and see to the memberships needs to make it successful. Yet, there have been a few exploration corps since then. Some successful and some not, but none that resonated with me. So, I had started Sagan Explorations as a personal corporation to accommodate my needs with the intention that I would never grow it.

11 Q-3HS5 XI


But, the loneliness of deep Null Sec exploration has been eroding my determination to see this to the end. At first, it seemed that in every Null Sec region, I would always find someone that would strike up a conversation, ask about my journey, and wish me well. Lately, however, the journey has gone eerily quiet. These last few regions have been completely silent, with hunters now and then trying to seek me out without a word in local. It’s one thing to be hunted quietly, yet still continuing to receive words of encouragement from others. It’s another to be hunted, when you’re feeling completely alone in the silent depths of space. I’ve come to realize I needed that social interaction, that camaraderie of likeminded souls, to feel a part of something bigger than myself, to encourage me, to keep me going.

As fortune would have it or perhaps fate, Mynxee whom I had interviewed previously as part of the New Eden Explorer series, tweeted about forming a new corporation for explorers, Signal Cartel. Upon reading, I felt that tickling of the soul one gets when something is meant to be. I immediately replied with words of my support and encouragement for her new endeavor. Then I read the Corporate Credo and the envisioned Corporate Life and my soul began to sing. Home… has found me.

Portions of the Credo and Life that resonated. Click here to see them in their entirety and how to join if interested.

Signal Cartel

Signal Cartel

“Signal Cartel is a service corporation to all of New Eden… our goal is to look for a graceful resolution and set an example of dignity and friendship through our actions.”

“We embrace the attitude of a true explorer: we are friendly to others in our travels, neutral and never initiating aggression… In suffering losses, we respond with good cheer and shed no tears. In this way, we aim to be recognized and respected by all across the cluster and left in peace to do our work.”

“Among our own ranks and with others, we are patient and generous with knowledge, ideas, and experiences…”

“Signal Cartel members tend to be solo wanderers, opportunistically exploring New Eden far and wide to discover its secrets, wonders, and buried (or abandoned) treasure. Yet we are all connected by the ideals behind our corp credo which encourage open communication, cooperation, helpfulness, and a generous spirit.”

“To aid newer players who aspire to that lifestyle (Exploration)…”



As excited as I was, I didn’t want to immediately jump on the opportunity. I have a great deal of respect for Mynxee, her past experience of growing a unique corporation certainly gives credence that this one too will likely be successful, but would it be the right move for me? Sagan Explorations was more than just a haven, it was a tribute to Carl Sagan and Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, the one who first had awakened the explorer within me. I’ve always known I was an explorer, but watching Cosmos as a young teen, my eyes were opened to the wonders around me. It would be hard to give up that corporation name and tribute.

I slept on it overnight and by morning when I awoke, I couldn’t deny my explorers heart. How could I not join this new and growing exploration corp? So, that was that, my mind made up, I spent a great deal of time scanning down a connection to Empire space and after twenty systems finally found one. Landing in Orgron, Metropolis, I docked up for the first time in seven months, then respectfully dissolved Sagan Explorations and accepted the offered invite to join this new exploration corp. It’s not just about wanting what Signal Cartel has to offer, I had decided, it was about need. I only hope that I can offer as much as I’m sure it will give.

You can’t stop the Signal.



* Images from Insmother Region

10 comments on “Can’t stop the Signal

  1. Hey!
    I’m a total noob but want to get into exploratio.
    How do you not dock up in 7 months?
    Do you cloak and just logoff or what? is that safe?

    • Good question! There are several ways to exit Eve, most of which will leave your ship in space and vulnerable from 1 to 15 minutes depending on your state. The other will trigger a 30 second count down, then log you out safely.

      In order to log out safely, make yourself a safe spot. to learn how to do that, see this Eve University post. Next, you will have to turn off all active modules, including cloak. Then hit the “ESC” key to bring up the menu, in the lower right hand corner you will see a “Log Off Safely” button. Click on that then it will take you back to your view in space and a 30 second count down will begin. Once the countdown is complete, your ship will cloak and you’ll be logged out safely.

      Click here to learn more about Logging Out and what the different states mean to your count down timer.

      Click here to learn more about Safely Logging Off.

      Hope that helps and feel free to ask more questions. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your persistence and the sheer volume of your work have left me speechless. After you gave me the gallery link in-game, I spent the next couple of hours browsing through screenshots, watching the videos, reading some of your blog entries, all the while totally forgeting about my little Buzzard drifting alone in Thera.

    I am deeply impressed.


    • Well… for once, I have no words, but I’ll try anyway. 🙂 Mostly, I do this for myself, but with the intent to share with others. I began this with the thought if only one person reads, enjoys, and is inspired by this work, then I’d be happy. Well, you’ve made me happy today. Thanks so much for taking time to read, review, and especially for commenting. I really appreciate it. Fly clever!

  3. Hey Katia!

    I absolute admire your journey. It’s something I was dreaming to do when I first played eve back in 2007. I was young and foolish and had no idea of how complex eve was back then. Barely finished skills to fly anything I jumped into low and was dead before my PC could even load the new system. I (rage)quit shortly after that but the urge of exploring that unique world of eve never left me. Now after many years of stumbling across many different games I finaly came back to eve and similar like you directly after reading about the Cartel I got that feeling – could this be the mindset I was always looking for but never found in any other game? And all I can say is YES! What Mynxee created is a thing of beauty unlike to find anywhere else. I am so glad I found you all and after reading your blog and what you do I have to say it’s an honor to fly with you. One of the purest explorers I can imagine.

    I hope to meet you some day in a random wh or maybe one day even follow your trails into the farest regions.

    Fly safe and fly clever o7

    It’s an honor to fly with you.

    • That’s great! Welcome back and I’m so glad you found Signal Cartel and I would say the honor is ours. 🙂 I’ve no doubt our paths will cross as my journey finishes up in Null Sec, I’ll be heading to Thera, but I have been thinking what could I do for a corp activity, so maybe I can lead an expedition or something. We’ll see.

      Looking forward to flying with you and thanks so much for sharing your story here!

      Fly clever!

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