Gotta Get Back in Time

“Take me away, I don’t mind. You better promise me, I’ll be back in time.” – “Back In Time”, Huey Lewis & the News

10.08.yc116 L-YMYU < XOV7-5 Constellation < Period Basis

OOC: Short on time this week, I’m afraid, but I did want to quickly mention a few things. First up, just finished my fourth Null Sec region completely explored. The journey is going slow and steady with this last region, Period Basis, being one of the busier ones so far. I found myself hunted again, evading a couple of bubble gate camps, and chased down one pipe until I was finally able to out warp them and they lost me at a crossroads system. That was entertaining to say the least. This upcoming week, unfortunately, I’ll be traveling most of the week on a business trip, so my exploration will take a pause. It’s nice to take a break, but also, I’m on a good roll and it’s hard to stop too. Either way, I’ll be back at it next weekend.

Contest Promotion

Tas Exile

Tas Exile

Tas Exile, of the blog Pilgrim in Exile, is hosting a contest for newer exploration oriented players. It’s a fantastic idea and I wanted to help promote and get the word out about it. Be sure to check out the character, ship, and registration requirements in this blog post, Newbie Treasure Hunt. In a nutshell, characters less than 12 months old, ship/skills capable of cargo scanning and combat probes (expanded probe launcher), MWD highly recommended. All locations will be in High Sec and there will be prizes. Be sure to check it out and if you participate, let me know. I’d love to hear about the experience.

That’s all the time I have this week. Here’s some of my favorite images from Period Basis. Fly smart, fly safe!





GR-J8B VI, CSM Barret Station

GR-J8B VI, CSM Barret Station




PLEX Giveaway Result & CSM9 Election

06.04.yc116 Anath System < Fabai Constellation < Aridia Region

Happy to report that we have a winner of the EVE1K PLEX giveaway contest. I honestly didn’t believe that it would be too difficult, but after a few days watching folks trying and not finding the code, I realized I probably needed to hand out a few hints. Congratulations to XtraCtrl on figuring out the clues and finding the number sequence. The final clue that keyed XtraCtrl in was: “What is Katia’s home system.” Here’s how she went about figuring it out.



Thank you so much for the PLEX! It was fun trying to work out the clues, as soon as I read the ‘about me’ section of your blog I googled Achura bloodlines and came to the conclusion it was Saisio III, I had all 3 versions of the planet open in photoshop looking for watermarks or hidden numbers lol, I even tried inspect element through Google Chrome. I eventually saw the information button and found the sequence and was greatly surprised to see nobody figured it out before me.

I will put this ISK towards learning and dying in PVP. You have made a newbie very happy.

Thank you,

The answer was Saisio III and could be found in a subfolder for that system in the PreDominion expansion images. You can follow this link to see. There were a couple of factors that went into choosing that system. Just as XtraCtrl figured out, it was part of Katia’s lore and it was the very first system that was explored. Like I said, I didn’t want it to be too difficult, the tricky part was checking out the subfolders as well, not just the current images for Saisio.

It was nice getting the positive feedback from many folks that enjoyed looking for the code as well as seeing the images themselves, which is what I was hoping for most of all. Thanks again to everyone that took the time to play. I’ll have to see about doing other contest along the way as I reach future milestones.

Lastly for this post, I wanted to drop a quick reminder to be sure and vote on this upcoming CSM9 election.  If you’re one of those that think your voice isn’t heard — then it certainly isn’t if you don’t vote. Stop for a moment and think about it. If CCP believed that the CSM wasn’t worth it, then they would have done away with the council a long time ago. Just the very fact that they do continue to allow players a voice through an election process to form a council should be enough for everyone to realize just how important it is. It’s come a long way since CSM1 with many learning experiences and growth pains, but in the end, it’s been beneficial for both the players and CCP. By voting, YOU are empowering the players voices to be heard. So please, take a moment and vote. Here’s a list of the approved candidates. The elections will be soon.

Fly smart, fly safe!

EVE1K Systems Explored and PLEX Giveaway

“I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ay. Been holding it in for a while, ‘ay”
– “On Top Of The World”, Imagine Dragons

29.03.yc116 Chibi System < Mayonhen Constellation < Aridia Region

“Sittin’ here on my own now, crying my heart out, can’t even see…” Fitting lyrics from one of my favorite Roc Wieler tracks, “Sacrifice”, from “One Night of Roc” that I’m listening to in my quarters on CBD Corporate Storage facility, Chibi VI. It’s both a mixture of satisfied accomplishment and a bitter sweet moment wishing my father could have been alive to witness my 1,000th system explored.

1,000 systems.

The number almost seems improbable, I chuckled to myself thinking, because there are over 5,000 known colonized systems in New Eden. I’m only around 18% done. For those that have been paying attention to my statistics, you may have noticed that the total system count increased by about 200. Reviewing the database with Aura, I realized I had made a logic error during data retrieval and had ended up excluding systems that were non-faction aligned. Oops. Not a major error, but it would have been nice if it had worked in my favor instead of against. Well… that’s New Eden for you, even the database is out to get you.

Let’s run some numbers…

1,000 Systems explored, 13 Regions, no ship or pod losses so far. 8,600+ images in my gallery.

What does 1,000 systems explored look like? You can check my gallery as well to see a progression.

Systems 20140329 - 1k

Skills update…


Tharadin Khardula

Tharadin Khardula

Alright, enough of the details, time for the giveaway. I had already decided when I entered and finished my 1,000th system explored, I would give out 100 million isk among those in system. As it turns out, at the moment I finished, there was only one person in local. Congratulations to Tharadin Khardula of Amarr Industry and Transport [TAITC]. Special thanks to him as well for the offer of future assistance if needed, much appreciated!


Here’s how it’ll work. Somewhere, lost in my gallery, there is a sequence of numbers that can be found. The first person to send me an in game EVE mail with the EXACT planet name as well as the number sequence, will win a PLEX. Please include what high sec or low sec station you would like it delivered to.

Good luck pilots and fly safe!



PLEX Giveaway, Cosmos, and Whatnot

“We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.” – Carl Sagan

OOC: For those that know me, they know what a huge fan I am of Carl Sagan and the series he hosted, “Cosmos”. I was in high school when it first aired and I was memorized. It was really the first time a scientist of his caliber was able to take such a vast and complex subject and explain it in a way that all could understand. His love for science was only out shown by his desire to share the wonders of the universe with all those that would take the time to listen and learn.

I enjoyed science, having doubled up on it in high school and I loved astronomy, which I took in college, but I never pursued it as a career. Rather, I simply read what I could, watched documentaries, and from time to time, got my telescope out to gaze upon the stars. “Cosmos” sparked my desire to explore, to learn, and to expand my knowledge of the universe not only in an educational way, but also in entertainment. Already a reader of SciFi, my journeys were limited to my own imagination and those of the authors I read. Tabletop roleplaying games took me further and of course, movies and television expanded upon that. But it wasn’t until Eve Online launched, that I felt I was really getting a sense of exploring a far off, dangerous, yet wonderful place, all on my own. So, when folks ask why am I exploring New Eden, one system at time, and not only passing through each star system, but taking a moment to snap images of all the planets, well – blame Carl Sagan.

Tonight, the new “Cosmos” will air simultaneously on 10 different Fox Network channels. The original, of course, is a bit dated now, Carl Sagan has passed on and returned to star stuff, to use his own words. So it remains to be seen if this new series will have the charm that the original did. I plan on watching it with my son, who’s soon to be in high school, and I hope it lives up to my expectations and inspires another generation of explorers.

With that in mind and in honor of my return to Eve Online as well as the new “Cosmos” airing, I updated a video I had done a few years ago. Now maybe you understand why I chose the somewhat dated, maybe campy, yet full of charm narration that I chose. Carl Sagan from “Cosmos” Episode 7: “The Backbone of Night”. I hope you enjoy it.

Now, on to the real reason you’re probably wanting to read this post. Soon I will be passing 1,000 systems explored. I’m currently at 842 systems across 10 regions of New Eden with over 7,000 images in my gallery. When I pass the 1k star systems explored mark, I plan on running a contest and will give away 1 PLEX to the winner. So keep reading and following for details. Good luck!