New Eden Cemetery and Khanid Favorites

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

11.04.yc116 Molea < Amdimmah Constellation < Khanid

New Eden CemeteryReviewing my navcharts while traveling through the Khanid Region, I saw a curious mark. With a light tap of my finger, the area was magnified for my viewing and what I saw surprised me – New Eden Cemetery, Molea II, Moon 1. A cemetery… in space… for — capsuleers? Was it happenstance I should come across this now? My recent loss of my father, my self reflection of my own mortality in an immortal body, and now — this?

Without a second thought, I turned to the one and only best resource for New Eden sights, Eve Travel. With a few more finger taps I found the entry that I was looking for. Capsuleer Cemetery. I won’t restate what has already been written up so well by Mark726. I will just say, however, that the site appears to be in good maintenance, with the POS still up and fully operational. It’s unclear if Azia Burgi is still the caretaker, as I tried sending him an Evemail, but there was no reply.

Cemetery PlotI took a few moments and drifted among the containers, paying my respects, thinking of my father, and others who have gone before us. As odd as this may sound, it brought me comfort.

Below are some of my other favorites from the Khanid Region.

Fly safe,