Breathe in the Light

“Breathe in the light and say goodbye.”Oblivion, M83

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14.06.yc121 Saisio < Okomon < The Forge

Suspended in my pod in goo aboard Voyager off the Abagawa gate in Saisio, I gaze or rather technically my camera drones focus in on the statue before me. Like the Astero in the palm of her hand, I too, or technically my ship, is cloaked silently drifting in the darkness. ‘Who is she? Where has she been?’ I think to myself, even though I know the answer to those questions. She is after all, me.

It’s hard to explain, it’s rather surreal, gazing on a monumental construction as large as the highest mountains on Achura, my home world, with its likeness as your own. She’s returned home a different person than when she left those many years ago, but much like how she’s anchored here in Saisio, I’m grounded by the memory of my ancestors. When it was time to find home, I knew my way.

‘Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini.’ I think of the old Achurian (Māori) proverb.

“I’m sorry Captain Sae, I’m unable to translate that language.” Allison points out.

I smile and reply with my thoughts, ‘I know, it’s an Achurian proverb basically meaning my success shouldn’t be given to me alone, as it wasn’t an individual success, but rather the success of a group effort – Signal Cartel.’

I waited to come here after the celebrations and visitations had faded. Local traffic in Saisio still had a fair amount of activity, but now it was mostly folks going about with their daily business rather than touring the monument. The time was right for a visit of my own, but what now? Where do I go from here?

‘He kākano ahau i ruia mai i Rangiātea.’ I am a seed which was sown in the heavens of Rangiatea. ‘Aue, I am a dreamer like my Grandfather before me. Perhaps I’ll stargaze a little while longer, breathe in the light, and say goodbye.’

Whakaaria mai Tōu r peka ki au.
Tiaho mai ra roto i te pō.
Hei kona au titiro atu ai.
Ora, mate hei au koe noho ai.

OOC: So what will I do with Katia now? I created her with the sole purpose to visit all of New Eden, that was her story, that was her arch, and now she is done. I’m happy, she’s happy, we’re both content. I’ve jokingly said she’s selling memorial snow globes at the gift shop. For now she’s retired in Saisio, but who knows what the future may hold.

As for this blog, I’ll keep it online, but not active, this will be my last post. Even if she should become an active character again, I doubt I would restart the blog. However, I have taken on the role of editor of Signal Cartel’s Group Blog, so I’ll be tending to that, encouraging others to write and post, and when I do get that itch to write, I’ll do so there instead.

And as a player? Well, it just so happens, if you’ve read my blog you’ll know, I do have another character in Signal Cartel, so I’m still playing. I also have an alt in Lucifer’s Hammer, A Band Apart. Huge shoutout to Rixx Javix and the gang. Great group of folks who’s ideology, excluding PvP, is similar to Signal’s with the be respectful of others and always say good fight in local. So, if you’re interested in the wolf pack PvP Low Sec pirate life or just want to hammer out some industry or other areas of PvP like wormhole space, they have several different corps to choose from. Click on the Stay Frosty link.

Signal Cartel

Of course, if you’re an explorer, I’m sure you can figure out what corporation I would recommend, Signal Cartel, Can’t Stop the Signal. To join follow this link and be sure to check out our Credo. Oh, and one other thing, it’s a common misconception that we’re pacifist. Some of us are, Katia became one over the course of her journey, but through her Null Sec leg she was prepared to defend herself. There have been many that have attacked my fellow Signaleers and were quite surprised to find themselves in their pods. Of course, we don’t pod, but be sure you’re flying what you can afford to lose. 😉

For this final post, I wanted to index some of my blog site with links to some favorite entries. So, if you want to check those out and other highlights, see below. Oh! Check out the video at the end too. I finally did get to see the Disney movie Moana and sure enough, Katia’s story is similar. Katia became a Stargazer like her ancestors before her much like Moana became a Wayfinder like her ancestors who sailed before her, among other similarities. Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna catch a lot of flak for that, it’s Disney, lots of songs, etc, but good stuff and I enjoyed it. 😉

Thanks to you, my followers, you encouraged me to keep at it, to not give up, to see this journey to its end. To all of those I have thanked so far, again thanks so much and to you my readers and followers, I thank you most of all. ❤❤❤

Always fly clever!

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We are explorers reading every sign, we tell the stories of our elders in a never-ending chain.

Whakaaria Mai – Māori hymn (prayer)
Show your cross to me.
Let it shine there in the darkness.
To there I will be looking.
In life, in death let me rest in thee.

5 comments on “Breathe in the Light

  1. Thank you Katia, so very much, for sharing your EVE travels and stories with all of us ! It has been an absolutely wonderful experience to follow along and be part of !

  2. The end of an era…but as always, new adventures await and as one journey ends, another begins! Thanks for this blog, and for your commitment to Signal Cartel, and for your friendship! Your EVE story is truly remarkable. <3 I look forward to seeing the Signal Cartel group blog flourish in your skillful hands.

  3. I recall this line from the story posted on our internal corp forums after Katia spent the day in Polaris:

    “It had been a very, very, *very* good day. There was a bittersweetness within me, too, but it was faint. ‘Bittersweet is the law of the universe,’ as Papaw used to say. I had to smile at that.”

    I think that sums up my own feelings quite well. Onward and upward, my friend.

  4. Your journey perfectly embodies the spirit of all explorers in New Eden. It could have been done by an NPC as part of the lore of Eve. However, this is Eve! The fact that a beautiful representation of all the sentiment of an idyllic explorer came out in a real player’s experience is one of the things that makes Eve so unique.

    Like many, seeing this journey come to a close makes me feel a lot of different emotions – I’m proud for you, for the community, and a bit sad that this thread in the pattern is being tied off.

    My signature in the forums is a fragment of “The Walking Song” from J.R.R. Tolkien, and I am once again reminded of those lyrics as this portion of your journey closes.

    Home is behind, the world ahead,
    And there are many paths to tread
    Through shadows to the edge of night,
    Until the stars are all alight.
    Then world behind and home ahead,
    We’ll wander back to home and bed.

    Fly safe o7

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